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EuCheMS DCE Annual Meeting 2014
30 August 2014, Istanbul

Two members of our research group were awarded in the EuCheMS Annual Meeting 2014 in the thematic session Resources and Environment

The five Top Poster Awards went to:

Maria-Christina Nika
Degradation and by-products identification of benzothiazoles and benzotriazoles during chlorination by LC-HR-MS/MS

Aikatarini Psoma
Workflow for the identification of biotransformation products of amine-containing psychotropic drugs in the aquatic environment

Ahmad Deeb
Solid phase extraction strategies for the enrichment and isolation of micropollutants and their transformation products from different water matrices

Christina Riemenschneider
Carbamazepine metabolites determined in tomato and cucumber plants irrigated with treated wastewater

Cindy Weidauer
Predicting of transformations products in the environment - a High Throughput System of Photolyse using a Flow-System



The first conference on "Non-target screening of organic chemicals for a comprehensive environmental risk assessment". More information can be found here